Lovell Family Story

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 11.16.06 AMDana Lovell shared her father’s compelling story at the 60th Chatham Goodfellows Annual General Meeting. Dana said that she was very fortunate while growing up, her father Scott was a career member of the Canadian Military and she and her siblings were fortunate not to ever need assistance from Chatham Goodfellows. However, her father, Scott Lovell was not as fortunate. He was one of nine children growing up in Chatham with very little. Her father did not remember Santa as a big jolly man delivering presents, but rather “men in winter clothing” delivering toys to he and his and sisters and brothers. Scott has an indelible image of the members of Goodfellows delivering toys to him when he was a young boy.

Today the Lovell family “Give Back”. Each year Scott and his wife give their children and grandchildren money for Christmas. The Lovell family including the grandchildren, Karli Lovell-MaccMullin, Ayden, Conner, Logan, Ashton, Kaiden, Ryleigh and Stella Lovell donate the money to Chatham Goodfellows so that there will be“No Child Without a Christmas”. This year the Lovell family grandchildren donated $400.00 to Chatham Goodfellows.