Mr. Goodfellow 2015

Scott Williston receives the 2015 Mr. Goodfellow award from Tim Mifflin, Rose Reseski and Tim Haskell.

Scott Williston – Mr. Goodfellow 2015

At the Goodfellows’61st Annual General Meeting on November 5, 2015 President Scott Williston is introduced as Mr. Goodfellow for 2015.

The Mr./Mrs. Goodfellow Award is presented annually to an individual who embodies the spirit of the organization.  Goodfellows distributes food and toys to needy families in greater Chatham at Christmas time.  Scott has been involved with Goodfellows for his entire life.  The Williston family legacy began in 1959 when Scott’s father, Phil invited Mary, Scott’s mother on a date to #1 scout hut to prepare gently used toys for Chatham Goodfellows.   Not long after their first date Phil and Mary where married.  The Williston family grew and every member of the Williston family, including Scott had a role with Chatham Goodfellows.  As Scott became older his responsibilities increased.  Scott has been a member of Chatham Goodfellows all of his life. He has done every job with Chatham Goodfellows.   Scott became a member of the Board of Directors ten years ago, and in 2011 was elected President of Chatham Goodfellows.  Along with being President, Scott also directs food packing and delivery.       

Scott is the most recent recipient of the prestigious Mr. Goodfellow Award in the Chatham Goodfellows organization – Mr. Goodfellow 2015.