Dean and Barb Mills of Dean and Barb’s No Frills received the President’s Award

Dean and Barb Mills of Dean and Barb’s No Frills on Queen Street in Chatham received the President’s Award from the President of Chatham Goodfellows, Scott Williston.

 This year’s President’s Award winner has been a valued supplier to Chatham GoodFellow’s for more than 20 years. They are also always more than pleased to step forward and fill orders that are short or missing, often on the day of food packing.  These orders are filled quickly and efficiently, and rarely is the food assembly line ever stopped for food shortages. 

Chatham Goodfellows have used banana boxes to pack food for large families for many years.  Banana boxes are large enough and sturdy enough to hold over 25 kg of perishable and non-perishable food.  Normally 500-700 banana boxes are needed each year to meet the need in Chatham-Kent.  Chatham Goodfellows are grateful that banana producers continue to use these strong cardboard boxes, and we are deeply indebted to Dean and Barb’s No Frills for saving all of their empty banana boxes for Chatham Goodfellows.

Chatham Goodfellows depend on the dedication of businesses, organizations and citizens to volunteer and help brighten the Christmas morning for those in need, and to ensure that “No Child Without A Christmas”.  Dean and Barb Mills, owners of Dean and Barb’s No Frills is one of those dedicated businesses that Chatham Goodfellows have depended on for well over 20 years. 

Chatham Goodfellows is honoured to present Dean and Barb Mills with this year’s President’s Award.