Giant Tiger

The Staff of Giant Tiger – Thames Lea Plaza collect money  for their “Someone’s Angel This Christmas” event each year.  Last the staff collected a total of $3,000.00 for Chatham Goodfellows “No Child With a Christmas” campaign.  This year as of December 15 at 12 noon the staff have collected $8,500.00  for the “Someone’s Angel This Christmas” event.  The campaign concludes Saturday December 16.  The goal this year is $10,000.00, everyone is encouraged to come out to Giant Tiger and donate $2.50 to help Giant Tiger reach their goal.

In the photograph Mona Gagnier of Giant Tiger shows the “Angel Tree” To Chatham Goodfellows President Tim Haskell and Director Rose Peseski. Chatham Goodfellows appreciates the generosity of the customers and staff of Giant Tiger.   

Our motto is simple;  No Child Without a Christmas.  While our Code is much longer, the key statements in the Code says it all; Goodfellows follow a simple code;  It’s helping the chap who’s bearing a load.  It’s bringing a smile to a youngster’s face. Restoring his trust in the human race. It’s sharing the warmth of year-end joys. With thousands of worthy girls and boys. It’s helping the young and old to know.  That someone cares when ill winds blow.


Key Chatham Goodfellows dates:

  • Toy Delivery date is Monday, December 18, after 5:30.

  • Street Sales are being conducted on Friday, December 15 and Saturday, December 16.

  • Food packing is at Spirit and Life Centre (St. Joseph Site), packing/delivery on Tuesday December 19 – packing beginning at 8am – deliveries beginning at 12 noon.

Tim Mifflin, Director
Chatham Goodfellows