Chatham Goodfellows 64th Annual General Meeting Dinner

This evening, Chatham Goodfellows held their 64th Annual General Meeting
dinner to kick off the 2018 Christmas Campaign to ensure “No Child Without A
Christmas”.  Several Certificates were handed out along with the President’s
Award, Lifetime Achievement Award and Mr./Mrs. Goodfellow Award.  The
Certificate recipients are list below along with the President’s, Lifetime
Achievement and Mr./Mrs. Goodfellow Award recipients photographs and their

Certificate Awards:

(Advertising) – Melanie Huff  – Hub Creative Group
(Knitting) – Mini Haest
(Toys) – Patricia Weaver Blonde of Imagination Ink, Diane Watson, Jason
King, Marilee King, Sawyer King, Mackenzie King, Kennedy King

(Street Sales) – Andrea Taylor, Joe Nagle, Michael Gavin
(Porchlight) – Dan & Lisa Peseski and Family
(Food Packing & Delivery) –  Zachary and Chloe Shaw

2018 President’s Award

Chatham Goodfellows Director Tim Mifflin presents the
President Award to Giant Tiger staff Denise Lush, Mark Lush, Jamie Skipper
and Mona Gagnier, Director Rose Peseski, and President Tim Haskell in the
back row.

This year’s President’s Award winner is Giant Tiger and staff for continued
long term support for Chatham Goodfellows.   Each year Chatham Goodfellows
have a monumental task of packing toys for children of 1400 families.  Each
toy box contains 3 large toys, several  smaller toys, stuffed toys, sports
equipment, books, colouring books, games, chocolates, mittens, hats and 12
year old children receive hygiene packages.

Even through Chatham Goodfellows begin planning in January for the following
year, shortages of toys do occur.  When the shortages occur, Giant Tiger has
been a stalwart for Chatham Goodfellows for over ten years providing toys to
cover toy shortages.
Giant Tiger and their staff members are avid fund raisers for Chatham
Goodfellows.  Over the last two years, Giant Tiger store and staff collected
almost $12,000 for Chatham Goodfellows.

In 1990, Phil Williston started the “Boot Program” for Chatham Goodfellows.
The program ensured that each child received a voucher for a new pair of
boots.  The program ran successfully from 1990 to 2013.  While suppliers
changed we had vendor commitment for 23 years.  Sadly after 23 years,
Chatham Goodfellows could not find a new vendor to ensure each child
received a new pair of boots.  After a three year search, Giant Tiger’s
manager, Mark Lush and his staff made a monumental
commitment to Chatham Goodfellows to support the Chatham Goodfellows “Boot

In 2017, the Chatham Goodfellows “Boot Program” was resurrected with a soft
re-introduction.  Almost $10,000.00 in boots were provided for the children
last year. Interestingly, Mark and
his staff ensured that despite the cost of the boots, any additional cost
was not charged to the recipients. This year, Chatham Goodfellows will be
providing not only a boot voucher, but for the first time will also provide
a shoe voucher for children
in need.  Mark and his team are in full support of the new program and they
look forward to assisting those in need in our community.

Chatham Goodfellows is honoured to present the Chatham Giant Tiger Store and
their staff with this year’s President’s Award.

2018 Lifetime Achievement Award

Chatham Goodfellows Directors Tim Mifflin and Rose Peseski
present the Chatham Goodfellows Lifetime Achievement Award To Fred Osmon
with President Tim Haskell.

In 1954 Chatham Goodfellows embarked on its campaign which had a simple
motto, “No Child Without a Christmas”. Through donations and volunteer
efforts, the Chatham Goodfellows have helped to brighten Christmas morning
for thousands of people ensuring there are toys for children and food for a
holiday meal. During the 1950’s Chatham Goodfellows modest budget of a few
thousand dollars provided boxes of food and toys to approximately 200
families in Chatham.

This year, the 64th year of operation, the Chatham Goodfellows budget of
well over $150,000 will provide boxes of food and toys for over 1400
families in Chatham, the former townships Dover, Chatham Harwich, and
Raleigh as well as Merlin in partnership with Merlin Legion.

Since 1954 Chatham Goodfellows has seen the need rise along with the budget.
One constant that remains, Chatham Goodfellows is a volunteer organization
that depends totally on volunteers to sit on the Board of Directors,
purchasing goods, organize events; raise funds, collect, pack, and deliver
toys and food. Volunteers are vital to Chatham Goodfellows success.  In
recognition for their work, volunteers are rewarded with a hot bowl of soup,
sandwich, hot drink and a sweet treat.  In addition, the Chatham Goodfellows
Board of Directors recognizes volunteers with Certificates of Appreciation,
volunteer businesses with the President’s Award, and the coveted Mrs. /Mr.
Goodfellow Award.

In 2016 the Chatham Goodfellows Board of Directors introduced the “Lifetime
Achievement Award” to recognized individuals or organizations who;

  • Provide no less than 25 years of continuous service
  • Extraordinary philanthropy by an individual or organization
  • Continues to encouraged the development of leadership among staff,
    colleagues or family
  • Is an inspiration to others, displaying professionalism, a
    consistently positive and motivating attitude, and demonstrating ongoing
    respect for others
  • Has inspired, shared and developed a vision for the future for
    development of philanthropy
  • Is a good citizen that contributes to the well-being of the

This is the third year that Chatham Goodfellows Board Nominating Committee
was tasked to identify a worthy recipient.  Chatham Goodfelllows are blessed
with dedicated long-term volunteers.   We are grateful.   After long
deliberation, the recipient of this years ‘Chatham Goodfellows Lifetime
Achievement Award is Fred Osmon.

Fred Osmon has investigated applicants, fundraised, collected, packed and
delivered food and toys for those in need in Chatham-Kent. Fred has been
active with Chatham Goodfellows for almost 60 years.  In 1995 the Board of
Chatham Goodfellows presented Fred with the prestigious “Mr. Goodfellow”
award.  Fred has provided strong leadership to the Chatham Goodfellows,
serving as the President from 1992-1994.  Fred continues to conduct
investigations for Chatham Goodfellows, as well
as serving on the Board of Directors.

For health reasons in 2000 Fred had to temporarily ease away from Chatham
Goodfellows. While Fred was convalescing he found time to write and sell
several cookbooks.  All the proceeds were given to local charities,
including Chatham
Goodfellows, Heart and Stoke Foundation, Canadian Diabetic Association, and
the Chatham-Kent Hospice.  In addition to writing the cookbooks, Fred has
published several books including, History of Chatham Minor Baseball”
1946-2014, “History of Baseball in Chatham-Kent”, “Chatham ‘n Kent Heroes”
(100 stories of local unsung heroes).

Fred provides a wonderful example of the community of practice of
volunteering.  Fred worked with the Boy Scouts of Canada, Chatham Minor
Baseball, Local Big Sisters and Big Brothers of Chatham-Kent along with
Chatham Goodfellows.  Most recently, Fred will tell you about  his
involvement with “100 Men Who Care Chatham-Kent”.

Please join me in congratulating Fred as the 2018 Chatham Goodfellows
Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.

Mr./Mrs. Goodfellow

Chatham Goodfellows Director Rose Peseski, President Tim
Haskell and Director Tim Miflfin present Mr. and Mrs. Goodfellow Award to
Mark Lacina and Ann Preston.

Each year the Chatham Goodfellows Board of Directors Executive Committee is
tasked with the difficult decision of choosing the Mrs. /Mr. Goodfellow. It
is a decision that is not taken lightly.  The Chatham Goodfellows Nominating

Committee is guided by the simple code that is printed every year in the
Chatham Goodfellows newspaper.

The final stanza of the code accurately describes the recipients for 2018;
“the Goodfellows’ Code is writ: The best of life and the worth of it.  Is
not, how much can I get for me, But what I have done to be neighbourly”.

This year’s Mr. and Mrs. Goodfellow have been identified as “the behind the
scenes” individuals who demonstrate dedication and commitment through their
actions.  For over four decades they have been devoted to Chatham
Mr. and Mrs. .Goodfellow are the foundational example of volunteering, fund
raising and community involvement with their colleagues. Mr. and Mrs.
Goodfellow instilled the community of practice of volunteerism with
their families, friends and colleagues. Their collective families have been
honoured in the past with certificate awards from Chatham Goodfellows.

When Mrs. Goodfellow receives the award, she and her husband will be the 4th
wife and husband team in the 64 year history of Chatham Goodfellows to
receive the Chatham Goodfellow award and the second family to have three
members to receive the Goodfellow Award. A former colleague of Mrs.
Goodfellow said she is known as the “Elf” of the Union Gas Regulatory
Department.  Mrs. Goodfellow continues to work with all facets of Chatham
Goodfellows including raising money through garage sales, raffles and the
porchlight campaign, and she recently acquired laptop computers from Union
Gas for Chatham Goodfellows.

This year’s Mr. Goodfellow has been involved with Chatham Goodfellows since
the early 1980’s.  He was one of the first employees to place the food and
toy box in the lobby of Union Gas Head Office to collect donations for
Goodfellows. Mr. Goodfellow believed that having his family involved in
packing and delivering toys and food was a great way for his family to give
back to the community.   Even though Mr. Goodfellow has retired and his
family have moved on and left home, he remains active.  Mr. Goodfellow can
be found laying out the packed toy boxes through the toy packing week, and
organizing the delivery route.  Mr. Goodfellow is responsible for ensuring
that each year we have smooth succinct delivery routes.

It is a privilege and honour to introduce Ann Preston and Mark Lacina as
Chatham Goodfellows 2018 Mrs. and Mr. Goodfellow.

Key Dates:

.         Goodfellows office at the Spirit and Life Centre Wellington Street
West Chatham is open November 5th; Monday – Friday;  9am to 3pm  at
.         Last day for names, November 30, 2018.
.         Porchlight is on Monday, December 3, 2018 at the Spirit and Life
.         Toy Packing 6pm to 8pm December 10 to December 13,  2017 at 463
St. Clair Street (the former Fabricland building next to Dimitar’s).
Delivery date is Monday, December 17, after 5:30.
.         Street Sales are being conducted on Friday, December 14 and
Saturday, December 15.
.         Food packing is at Spirit and Life Centre (St. Joseph Site),
packing/delivery on Tuesday December 18 – packing beginning at 8am –
deliveries beginning at 11:30 am.

Special Events:

1. Glasshouse Nursery Wine and Cheese Party Nov. 2nd 6pm to 9 pm.
2. Hog Toy Ride – November 4.
3. Patricia M. Productions Links of Kent Wednesday, November 7, 2018 12
4. PetSmart Stuffed Animal Promotion -November 9-11 Friday 4-8
Saturday/Sunday 11-3
5. All I Want For Christmas – St. Clair Healthplex – November 17th  9am
to 2pm.
6. Helping Touch Christmas John D. Bradley Convention Centre November
24th 9am to 3pm.
7. Real Canadian Super Store “Santa’s Day off – December 4 6 am to 6

Tim Mifflin
Director Chatham Goodfellows
Advertising/Media Relations