Thank-you for your Generosity!

Chatham Goodfellows success over the last 64-years is attributed totally to
the overwhelming generosity of citizens in our community, and the dedication
of our volunteers.  Chatham Goodfellows appreciates the overwhelming
generosity to “Ensure No Child Without a Christmas”.

The late Laura Raymant  was an original knitter with the Active Lifestyle
Centre and each year Laura knitted mittens for Chatham Goodfellows.  When
Laura passed away, several members of the Active Lifestyle Centre stepped up
to the fill the void, and continued to knit mittens for Chatham Goodfellows.
In the photograph (L-R) Bev Nelson, Jo-Anne Jewell, Alivia Weover, Marie
Weover and Debbie Mardling, turn over the mittens to President Tim Haskell .

Recently the CK Family Health Team held their annual Christmas luncheon.
The CK Family Health Team gathered 200 toys for Chatham Goodfellows “No
Child Without a Christmas” campaign.    In the photograph (L-R) Laura
Johnson, Leo Marentette, Eileen Bene, Paul Weese, Lisa Holmes, Raquel
Legroulx, Linda Olah, Tonnyua St. Gelais present the toys to President Tim

The Glasshouse Nursery and Garden Centre recently donated toys and $250.00
to Chatham Goodfellows to ensure that “No Child Without a Christmas”.  In
the photograph (L-R)  Marlene, Liz, Tami and Ally.

Last year Chatham Goodfellows provided Christmas food baskets & toys for
1420 families in Chatham and the former townships of Chatham, Dover, Harwich
and in partnership with the Merlin Legion/Kinsmen to provide for those in
need in Merlin, Dealtown, North Buxton and the former Township of Raleigh.
Chatham Goodfellows appreciates the overwhelming generosity to “Ensure No
Child Without a Christmas”.

Key Dates:

–   Toy Packing 6pm to 8pm December 10 to December 13,  2018 at 463 St.
Clair Street (the former Fabricland building next to Dimitar’s).
–   Delivery date is Monday, December 17, after 5:30.
–   Street Sales are being conducted on Friday, December 14 and Saturday,
December 15.
–    Food packing is at Spirit and Life Centre (St. Joseph Site),
packing/delivery on Tuesday December 18 – packing beginning at 8am –
deliveries beginning at 11:30 am.