Union Gas Employee Donation

This Year Union Gas employees donated $26,500.00 to Chatham Goodfellows.
Union Gas employees have been long term partners with Chatham Goodfellows.
Over the years Union Gas employee have worked tirelessly providing thousands
of hours of sweat equity, and over $600,000 in toys, food and cash to
Chatham Goodfellows  “No Child Without a Christmas”.

In the photograph – 2016 Mrs./Mr. Goodfellow and Union Gas team members
Angela Scott and Brian Cox present the $26,500.00 cheque to Chatham
Goodfellows President, Tim Haskell.

Chatham Goodfellows appreciates the generosity of Union Gas and their
employees.  Our motto is simple;  No Child Without a Christmas.  While our
Code is much longer, one of the key statements in the Code says it all;
It’s understanding a neighbour’s plight, and caring enough to do what’s