Chatham Goodfellows 65th Annual General Meeting

The Chatham Goodfellows held their 65th Annual General Meeting this evening.  The following is a list for award recipients.

Certificates of Appreciation:

Media – Michelle Owchar (Chatham Voice), Amanda Thibodeau and Chris McLeod (Blackburn Radio).
Knitting – Annette Lozon and Agatha Sanson.
Toys Packing and Delivery – Eva Watson, Annette, Julia & Mark Sherbourne, Nicole Maine, Chad and Brandon St. Pierre.
Street Sales Campaign  – Uly Bondy, John Kehoe.
Porchlight Campaign – Tracey Jones, Sue Janssens.
Food Packing and Delivery – Sara and Frank Letourneau, David Trealout and Joe Faas.
Barb Jacques.

President’s Award

Chatham Towing

This year’s recipient has been doing favours for the Chatham Goodfellows for over 40 years.  They are always available on a moment’s notice to come to our rescue.   No jobs too big; no jobs too small.  Often one might hear them say “Let us know what you need” and they sincerely mean it.  Their example has caught on to their employees and business associates who are also anxious to be involved.  A visit to the office could result in a request to make a monetary donation to our annual campaign.

These friends have been invaluable in a countless number of ways.  They have helped to set up the food assembly lines and also pack and deliver boxes of food to our clients.  Often they can be seen helping out in the kitchen.  Then they will provide a truck to pick up the pallets and milk cases that need to be returned.

In the Annual Santa Claus Parade, you will see them collecting food on their float for our needy children and their families.  Needless to say, their involvement is so important to our success every year.

In 2011, the Chatham Goodfellows presented them with a Certificate of Appreciation.  This year it is only fitting that they will receive the special honour of our President’s Award.

It is my pleasure to present John and Barb Verkaik of Chatham Towing with this award.


Mrs. Goodfellow 2019

This years recipient is always giving from her heart to make sure there is “No Child Without a Christmas”.

Our recipient works quietly behind the scene with toy packing, deliveries, where ever there is a need, including making boxes and packing toys.

This years recipient purchases wool year round for the “knitters” so that Chatham Goodfellows have sufficient mittens, scarves and hats for the children.

She represents Chatham Goodfellows at special events.  During the evening of Chatham Goodfellows porch light campaign she can be found in the kitchen providing food and drinks for the volunteers

Our recipient is a retiree from the Ontario Ministry of Correctional Services.  While working at the former Chatham Jail, she made sure that a toy donation box was always at the Jail.

Our recipient lost her husband many years ago, and during the very difficult times, she relied on Chatham Goodfellows to ensure that her young children enjoyed Christmas.  She never forgot receiving the assistance, and in appreciation of the assistance, she has continually “paid it forward” by assisting Chatham Goodfellows.  More importantly, she taught her children be thankful for what they have and insisted that they also “pay it forward” for those in need.

In 2014 our recipient joined her son on the Board of Director of Chatham Goodfellows, and tonight we honour Linda Haskell as Mrs. Goodfellow 2019.

Tim Mifflin, Director
Chatham Goodfellows