Santa’s Day Off – Real Canadian Superstore

The annual Blackburn Radio and Real Canadian Super Store “Santa’s Day Off” for Chatham Goodfellows is up and running today between 6 am and 6 pm today.
Shoppers were out early this morning shopping at the Real Canadian Super Store and donating to Chatham Goodfellows to ensure “No Child Without a Christmas”
Photograph #1 – Amanda, Jen and Chris from CKSY morning show kicked off “Santa’s Day Off” live broadcast early in the morning at the Real Canadian Super Store.
Photograph #2 –  The Keys family, Mom Ashley, Dad Andrew are teaching their young son, Andrew the importance of giving thanks and providing to those who are in need.  The very generous Keys family donated enough new toys to fill 2 large shopping carts.
Photograph #3 – Shortly after the Keys family made their donation, Natasha Ortin, her daughter Zoey and son Dax came in and donated several large todays.
Chatham Goodfellows are grateful for the on-going community support they have received for 65 years.  We have a simply goal, “No Child Without a Christmas”.

Key Dates:

–  Goodfellows office at the Spirit and Life Centre Wellington Street West Chatham is open November 5th; Monday – Friday;  9am to 3pm  at 354-1146.
–   Last day for names, December 6, 2019.
–   Toy Packing 6pm to 8pm December 9 to December 12,  2019 at 70 Leeson Drive Chatham (Behind Honda House).
–   Delivery date is Tuesday, December 17, after 5:30.
–   Street Sales are being conducted on Friday, December 13 and Saturday, December 14.
–    Food packing is at Spirit and Life Centre (St. Joseph Site), packing/delivery on Wednesday December 18 – packing beginning at 8am – deliveries beginning at 11:30 am.


Tim Mifflin
Chatham Goodfellows