Thank you, Enbridge!

The employees of Enbridge (formerly Union Gas) have been long term partners with Chatham Goodfellows.  Over the years Enbridge employees have worked tirelessly providing thousands of hours of sweat equity, and over $700,000 in toys, food and cash to Chatham Goodfellows “No Child Without a Christmas”.
Chatham Goodfellows appreciates the generosity of Enbridge employees.  Our motto is simple; No Child Without a Christmas. While our Code is much longer, on of the key statements in the Code says it all; it’s understanding a neighbour’s plight, and caring enough to do what’s right.
Photograph 1 – Enbridge employees present Director Rose Peseski and President Tim Haskell with a cheque for $15,000.00. This is money that has already been collected throughout the year, and more is promised over the coming week.
Photograph 2 –  Jeff Latimer and Spencer Gale of Enbridge present $2,500.00 of toys to Goodfellows Director Rose Peseski and President Tim Haskell.
Key Dates:
– Goodfellows office at the Spirit and Life Centre Wellington Street West Chatham is open November 5th; Monday – Friday; 9am to 3pm at 354-1146.

– Toy Packing 6pm to 8pm December 9 to December 12, 2019 at 70 Leeson Drive Chatham (Behind Honda House).

– Delivery date is Tuesday, December 17, after 5:30.

– Street Sales are being conducted on Friday, December 13 and Saturday, December 14.

– Food packing is at Spirit and Life Centre (formerly St. Joseph’s Auditorium), packing/delivery on Wednesday December 18 – packing beginning at 8am – deliveries beginning at 11:30 am.