Giant Tiger Gives Back

Photograph L-R Mike Woods, Cole Nussey, Angie Page, Tracy McIvenna, Brook Bishop and Manager Mark Lush present President Tim Haskell with $11,000.00.
Giant Tiger – Thames Lea Plaza collect money  for their “Someone’s Angel This Christmas” event each year.  In 2016 the staff collected a total of $3,000.00 for Chatham Goodfellows “No Child With a Christmas” campaign. In 2017, the staff collected almost $10,000.  Last year over $16,000 was collected.  This year $11,000.00 was collected.  Giant Tiger and staff were the Chatham Goodfellows 2018 President Award recipient.  They were recognized for their long-term support for Chatham Goodfellows.  In 2017 Giant Tiger’s manager, Mark Lush and his staff made a monumental commitment to Chatham Goodfellows to support the Chatham Goodfellows “Boot Program” which had been dormant since 2013.  In 2017 the soft re-introduction of the “boot program” was a success.    Chatham Goodfellows are pleased to announce that the “Boot Program” partnership with Giant Tiger continues to be an overwhelming success, and this year each child will receive a Giant Tiger boot and  shoe certificate.
Our motto is simple;  No Child Without a Christmas.  While our Code is much longer one of the key statements in the Code says it all;  It’s understanding a neighbour’s plight, and caring enough to do what’s right.

Happy New Year & looking forward to our 2020 campaign.

Chatham Goodfellows Board of Directors