2020 Porchlight & Street Sales Campaign cancelled; we are commitment to “No Child Without A Christmas”.

As Chatham Goodfellows launches their 66th “No Child Without a Christmas” campaign, we are reaching out to the community for support. We must make changes to how we raise money, toys and food for families this Christmas.
After discussions with Mayor Darren Canniff and Dr. David Colby, Medical Officer of Health for Chatham-Kent, it is clear that the impact of COVID-19 will be that Chatham Goodfellows will not be able to fundraise and collect goods through the traditional Porchlight & Street Sales Campaigns.
We understand that Mayor Canniff and Dr. Colby have only the best interests of the community in mind. Chatham Goodfellows cannot safely and consistently socially distance while taking cash donations from people at store entrances or collecting food, toys and money from front porches. How we sort donations will also have to be reconsidered.
But even with these challenges, Chatham Goodfellows are committed to ensuring that there will be “No Child Without A Christmas” this holiday season.
Last year, Chatham Goodfellows packed and delivered food and toys for over 1500 families. We anticipate that the need will be greater this year and we intend to meet that challenge.
Through the summer, Chatham Goodfellows will be releasing their new strategy for fund raising and how we will fulfill our commitment to ensure “No Child Without A Christmas”.
The Chatham Goodfellows Annual General Meeting is traditionally the official start of our “No Child Without A Christmas”. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we will not be holding our dinner meeting this year. Instead, the Board intends to hold a virtual Annual General Meeting to kick off our campaign. Community groups who usually attend will be notified with details.
Find us on facebook at Chatham Goodfellows for future up-dates.
Chatham Goodfellows
Board of Directors