Chatham Goodfellows Media Release – August 2020

Chatham Goodfellows is preparing to launch their 66th “No Child Without a Christmas” campaign and are announcing some necessary changes to how we raise money, toys and food for local families.

As previously announced, due to COVID-19 restrictions, Chatham Goodfellows will not be able to fundraise and collect goods through the traditional Porchlight & Street Sales Campaigns because we cannot safely and consistently socially distance while taking cash donations from people at store entrances or collecting food, toys and money from front porches.

With a commitment to continue our tradition, Chatham Goodfellows is excited to announce that we have a game plan that includes a “Virtual Porchlight Campaign” where, on a designated night, people will be able to e-transfer money and light up their porch lights to show support.

Goodfellows is also planning two weekends, one in November and one in December, when people can drop off toys and non-perishable food. Donors will drive to a central location and simply pop their trunks to allow volunteers to safely remove the goods while respecting social distancing.

Families wishing to register for “No Child Without A Christmas” baskets will be notified when to apply by phone or email. We expect that to be in November.

As always, Chatham Goodfellows wants to thank past volunteers for the tremendous gift of their time and commitment for our excellent cause. Unfortunately, this year volunteers will be limited due to COVID restrictions. We hope that all past volunteers will maintain their enthusiasm for “No Child Without A Christmas” and be ready to help again next year.

Chatham Goodfellows
Board of Directors