President’s Message

I am proud to be the President of Chatham Goodfellows.  We are a volunteer organization with a simple motto, “No Child Without a Christmas”.  

I have volunteered with Chatham Goodfellows since 1978.  Jane and Bud Arnold, who were long-term volunteers with Chatham Goodfellows brought me every year to help with toy packing.  I remember Jim Benoit, the Chairperson of toy packing teaching me what it took to be a Goodfellow.  In 2005, I was invited to join the Board of Directors of Chatham Goodfellows as the co-chairperson of toy packing, I was honoured.  I have a definitive appreciation of Chatham Goodfellows. When I was a child my family were recipients of Chatham Goodfellows generosity. My father died just prior to my birth.  My mom work very hard to look after our family, we did not have much money, and times were tough.  As a child I can remember Chatham Goodfellows delivering a large box of toys and food to us. One year my brother and I received hockey sticks for road hockey.  I still recall the aroma of fresh apples, oranges and minty rock candy when the food box was delivered.  We were grateful, we always had plenty of food for the Christmas Holidays.   

A great deal has changed over the years.  My mother joined the Chatham Goodfellows Board of Directors in 2014, together we give back every year.  I regret that Jane and Bud Arnold, my Grandparents and Jim Benoit are not here to see me as President of Goodfellows, however I look forward to continuing their community of practice of giving back to the community. 

When our annual campaign begins, I look forward to seeing all of our current and future Goodfellows.

Tim Haskell, President Chatham Goodfellows