Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you

Chatham Goodfellows are blessed with the on-going support from business, foundations and citizens in Chatham-Kent.  Wednesday was an extremely busy day, donations were collected from MSSC, Union Gas and Myles Neuts Make Children Better Now Association, To Ensure No Child Without a Christmas.

MSSC Toy Donation – Bob Cowlan of MSSC Unifor Local 127, Tim Haskell of Chatham Goodfellows, and Mark Woodrow MSSC Unifor Local 127 stand behind toys donated by MSSC employees.

Each year Unifor Local 127 at MSSC organizes a toy drive in which all employees are encouraged to contribute new unwrapped toys for Chatham Goodfellows.  Mark Woodrow, president of Unifor Local 127 at MSSC, said that employees have been very generous.  This year was by far their most successful toy drive.  Well in excess of $7,000.00 was spent to purchase new toys.  Tim Haskell, Chatham Goodfellows Co-Director of toy packing and delivery, said Wednesday’s donation  is timely.  The new influx of toys were packed into the toy boxes Wednesday night.

Union Gas Toy Donation –  Eric Bence of Union Gas, Tim Haskell of Chatham Goodfellows and David Yakubowich of Union Gas display toys donated by Union Gas Employees.

The Union Gas team members are well known and respected philanthropist in Chatham-Kent.   Yesterday Eric Bence and David Yakubowich  delivered several thousand dollars’ worth of toys to Chatham Goodfellows.  These toys were packed in toy boxes Wednesday evening.  So far in 2015, Union Gas employees have donated well in excess of $21,000, and the amount continues to climb.

Chatham Goodfellows have enjoyed continued long term dedication and support from employees of both MSSC and Union Gas.

Myles Neuts Make Children Better Now Association Board members Jessie MacMillan, Terri Warren, Brenda Neuts, Janet Ferguson and Mandy Jacobs-Protopapas donation $1,000.00 to Rose Peseski and Tim Haskell, Chatham Goodfellows Board members.

One of the goals of The Make Children Better Now Association is to “provide a happy and healthy environment for ALL children”.   Along with a previous donation of food, toys and hygiene products, the $1,000.00 donation assists Chatham Goodfellows in meeting their motto of, “No Child Without a Christmas”.

Key Dates:

Toy packing at the former Sunnen Guspro building 280 Grand Avenue East on December 10 between 6 pm and 8 pm each evening.

Toy delivery  from the former Sunnen Guspro building 280 Grand Avenue East December 21 after 5:30 pm.

Street sales December  11 & 12 between 8 am and 5 pm.

Food Packing December 22 beginning at 8 am until completed at the Spirit and Life Centre (the former St. Joseph Auditorium) Wellington Street West Chatham, deliveries begin after 1 pm until 9 p.m.