Santa’s Day Off

At Santa’s Day Off, Tim Haskell, of Chatham Goodfellows, accepted toys and a starter coin collectors set from local coin collector, Colin Cutler, who made it a point of coming to the Superstore to drop off the coin set and toys.  During CKSY’s Jay Poole’s live broadcast, Tim and Colin discovered they had something in common; both benefited from the generosity of Chatham Goodfellows when they were very young. In 1958, Colin and his sister received a Christmas tree, food and toys from Chatham Goodfellows.  Colin never forgot receiving those gifts he received and he has given back ever since.  Tim also remembers receiving toys and food from Chatham Goodfellows when he was very young.  Today Tim is on the Board of Directors for Chatham Goodfellows, and he will be the President of Chatham Goodfellows in 2017.

Blackburn Radio is holding Santa’s Day Off at the Real Canadian Superstore on Wednesday December 7, 2016 between 6 am and 6 pm.  The Radio station is collecting unwrapped toys in support of Chatham Goodfellows “No Child Without a Christmas” campaign. For those who drop off an unwrapped toy, Chatham Chrysler and Chatham Mazda is offering free hot chocolate and a ballot for a chance to win a $500.00 Visa Courtesy Card.   

Chatham Goodfellows appreciates the generosity of the media, businesses, organizations and citizens.  Our motto is simple;  No Child Without a Christmas.  While our Code is much longer one of the key statements in the Code says it all;  It’s understanding a neighbour’s plight, and caring enough to do what’s right.


Key Dates Chatham Goodfellows:

  • December 12 to December 15 Toy Packing 6pm to 8pm at 280 Grand Avenue East ( Old Sunnen//Guspro Building).
  • December 16 – December 17 Street Sales.
  • December 20 Toy Deliveries at 5:30 pm at 280 Grand Avenue East ( Old Sunnen//Guspro Building).
  • December 21 Food packing/delivery at Spirit and Life Centre (St. Joseph Auditorium) packing begins at 8 am and deliveries after 12 noon.


Tim Mifflin
Director Chatham Goodfellows
Advertising/Media Relations